Monday, July 3, 2017

Dictionary of Color Combinations

Dictionary of Color Combinations
// Gurney Journey

A Dictionary Of Color Combinations is a collection of flat color squares placed in over 300 side-by-side combinations.

The book is published in Japan and is based on the 6-volume work of kimono designer and teacher Sanzo Wada in the 1930s, a time when Japan was between wars, and was absorbing Western influences.

Japan has over 1000 traditional colors, based initially on the Chinese color system. Each named with reference to the seasons, and to plants, and animals, and the colors are often associated with social ranking.

The book starts with two-color combinations, and then proceeds to three- and four-color combinations. The back of the book is more like a Pantone book, with each of the colors presented in swatches (with CYMK numbers). The swatches can be cut out and placed in whatever combinations you want.

The only English language in the book are the color names; there is no other context, nor suggestions on how to use it.

I enjoy looking through the book purely in abstract terms, with the intention of trying some of the combinations in actual designs. I like the fact that it doesn't direct the user how to react to the color pairings.


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