Tuesday, July 18, 2017

And Then I Read: CAVE CARSON #9

And Then I Read: CAVE CARSON #9
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The alternate cover of this issue finally has a logo I like. The art by Michael Cho is great, too…clear and easy to understand. If only the rest of the book were so.

I've about given up on trying to follow the plot of this series, but the opening scene of two aliens on a picnic is out of left field even for this book. Visually interesting, but puzzling, as is much of the issue. So, we have Cave and his daughter with Mad Dog (for some reason) in Cave's old mole car trying to catch the newer mole car in the hands of his old boss's son, and the entire care is physically in the hands of The Whisperer, a Lovecraftian monster who is also, somehow, Cave's old boss too. There are time caves and alternate worlds, lots of psychedelic imagery, and characters who I can't identify or even tell apart at times. If I don't try to follow the story, I can enjoy the images, and that's about it. Some of them are gory here, but in a cartoony way, which lessens the impact. How Mad Dog survives his wounds this time is another mystery. The end brings us back to the alien picnic, so it does tie in, but I'm not sure why.

Visually interesting, but not a book I can really recommend.


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