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THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY - Alfred Hitchcock (1955) [feedly]

THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY - Alfred Hitchcock (1955)
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Imagine a Disney movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock if you can, and you'll get a pretty good idea of how "The Trouble With Harry" comes off!

"The Trouble With Harry" is a dark comedy released in 1955! Alfred Hitchcock making a comedy like this is like The Three Stooges making a serious movie, it just doesn't work that well, for me anyway, but Alfred had a different opinion! In his interview with Francois Truffaut, Alfred stated that this was one of his favourite movies, a story that he thought was very funny, and though I will admit that I did get a few laughs at the beginning, it's actually quite droll, but then what else would you expect from the Master of Macabre! Alfred also said that he thought the movie was one big understatement, but that unto itself is an understatement!

 "The Trouble With Harry" is that he is dead, but that is not the real problem! "The Trouble With Harry" is also that it's 99 minutes long, when 30 minutes would have been just fine!

The countryside in the state of Vermont where "The Trouble With Harry" was shot is absolutely stunning and beautiful.......

.......As long as you like to watch guys hiking around with shovels!

Here's a trio of film and TV icons that's hard to beat, but that's just not enough to save this film! 
John (Bachelor Father) Forsythe, Jerry (The Beaver) Mathers, and Shirley MacLaine in her first film ever!

"The Trouble With Harry" is that it seems to go on forever and ever. Of course, all Alfred Hitchcock completionists should watch it, but for the rest of you, your life would be more productive spending some time in a "Frenzy" with "The Birds," or some "Psycho!"


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