Monday, July 4, 2016

Radio Magazines [feedly]

Radio Magazines
// Zontar of Venus

Radio and Television Mirror 5/1940-Paulette Goddard

Radio and Television Mirror 5/1949-Ozzie & Harriet

Radio and Television Mirror 10/1941-Pat Ryan

Radio and Television Mirror 11/1940-Ida Lupino 

Radio Mirror 9/1946-MacFadden

Radio Mirror 12/1938-Bob Burns

Radio Mirror Movie Magazine 1950 

Radio Stars 1/1931-Dell-Lanny Ross

Radio Stars 1/1934-Dell-Joe Penner-

Radio Stars 1/1936-Dell-Lily Pons

Radio Stars 1/1938-Dell-Bob Burns-Martha Raye


Radio Stars 3/1935-Dell-Gladys Swarthout

Radio Stars 5/1934-Dell-Wayne King

Radio Stars 5/1937-Dell-Don Ameche-

Radio Stars 6/1936-Dell-Bing Crosby

Radio Stars 6/1938-Dell-Fannie Brice-

Radio Stars 7/1935-Dell-Frances Langford-

Radio Stars 7/1938-Dell-Amos and Andy

Radio Stars 8/1935-Dell-Gabrielle De Lys

Radio Stars 8/1937-Dell-Burns & Allen

Radio Stars 11/1933-Dell-Paul Whiteman cover

Radio Stars 11/1937-Dell-Tyrone Power-

Radio Stars 12/1931-Dell-Jane Froman

Tune In 7/1946-radio magazine-Ralph Edwards

Tune In 8/1946-radio magazine
Kenny Delmar, as Senator Beauregard Claghorn of Allen's Alley

Tune In 11/1945-radio magazine-25th Anniversary of Radio

TV Radio Mirror 4/1964-MacFadden-Patty Duke
By this time radio was music.

TV Radio Mirror 11/1957-Steve Allen-Jayne Meadows

1952 VARIETY Lux Presents Hollywood Magazine Film Radio TV Music Stage *PHOTOS* 


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