Monday, April 18, 2016

New Embroidered Psychological Landscapes by Michelle Kingdom [feedly]

New Embroidered Psychological Landscapes by Michelle Kingdom
// Colossal


Still the sky was blue

LA-based artist Michelle Kingdom continues to impress with her masterful command of thread and needle. Her stitched tableaus and landscapes depict individuals caught in the middle of intriguing yet ambiguous situations like something out of a dream, with characters lost in worlds out of their control or in the process of searching for meaning. She shares about her process:

Decidedly miniature in scale, the scenes are densely embroidered into compressed compositions. While the work acknowledges the luster and lineage inherent in needlework, I use thread as a sketching tool in order to simultaneously honor and undermine this tradition. Beauty parallels melancholy, as conventional stitches acquiesce to the fragile and expressive.

You can explore more of Kingdom's work on her Tumblr and Instagram. (via Lustik)


It had already become the past


Tomorrow will insist


Because reality takes shape in the memory alone


Here we can whisper


Some imagined future


Promises cannot obscure the sun


Truth breaks a thousand times


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