Thursday, November 12, 2015

PaintBerri now in Open Beta! [feedly]

PaintBerri now in Open Beta!
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The PaintBerri team is excited to officially announce that the site is now in open beta! During our 4 month closed beta, we added a ton of new features and fixes, including a lite painter for older computers & mobile devices, fun games for socializing, and a block feature for avoiding drama and having a nicer time!

PaintBerri is a free oekaki-style social art site where users communicate via drawings created on the spot with the built-in browser painter.

Join us!

Some feature highlights:

The Full Painter: This painter is packed full of features including pen pressure support, a highly customizable brush, and hotkeys!

The Lite Painter: This simple painter is usable on mobile devices! Draw on the go from your phone or tablet, and then finish up your piece at home with the Full Painter!

Games: Art games are a fun thing to do when hanging out with artist buds - now you can play them online, too! PaintBerri's first game "MixUp" allows you and two other users to create a fun and weird creature together by blindly drawing the top, middle, and bottom sections separately before releasing your fused monstrosity on the world! 

Join the community!

oh that explains that

hee my bird (head) is featured there


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