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noelarthurian: electricalice: while this is mostly about... [feedly]

noelarthurian: electricalice: while this is mostly about...
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while this is mostly about facts, there are a lot of opinions in this tutorial (namely my distrust on several brands marketing strategies, and my opinion that's better to start with cheap student quality stuff. LOTS of people disagree on that point) as well that you should take as what they are: personal opinions.

here is slightly more readable than on tumblr

this is the result of several years of research on creating a cheap but high quality palette that would help me.

other things to be aware of: pigments are generally more resistant in oil and acrylics than they are in watercolor. but there are a couple of pigments that work well in watercolor but really badly in oil.

pigments through the ages
a comprehensive guide to watercolor pigments and a lot of tests on popular brands
about van gogh's bedroom
Blue and Yellow don't make green by Michael Wilcox

Very good infographic!

I would like to add the Daniel Smith brand to that tiny chart in the third image. They can be a little hard to find save ordering them from Daniel Smith, but they have a lot of really unusual and unique pigments in their artist quality watercolor collection, including interference paints and other cool shit. These are what I use, save a few W&N Cotman colors I haven't replaced yet.


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