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huedoku: a fun game that expands your mind by Gabriel Mott

'Gyaldem' by Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee for No Substance No.2 [feedly]

'Gyaldem' by Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee for No Substance No.2
// Fashion Copious

'Gyaldem' by Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee for No Substance No.2


No Substance No.2

Photographer: Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee

Stylist: Neesha Tulsi Champaneria

Art Direction: Marianthi Hatzikidi

Makeup: Kathy Coleman & Pernille Nadine

Hair: Porco Yosuke Sakurai & Yuko Aoi

Production: Nicole Chui

Models: Adeline Rudolph, Jitske Lenehan, Hannah Hansen, Molly Hunloke, Lily Neale Clayton, & Mia Hando


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Advanced Diploma Student - Yoga Satyadana [feedly]

Advanced Diploma Student - Yoga Satyadana
// Feng Zhu Design

Project Name: ROOTS

Designer/Artist: Yoga Satyadana

With art direction from Kingston Chan, Tze Wei and Feng Zhu


A small American town in the early 1900s is visited by strangers at night. A forest ranger and his daughter are sent into the town to investigate. At first, what was thought to be raccoons turns out to be a mystical race of forest fairies. Harmless and cute, these creatures love to steal sweets from the houses. All is well until Mr. Big Boss construction owner shows up. He wants to capture all these creatures for his private collection and cut-down the forest. The captured fairies are finally freed by the ranger's daughter and the town returns to harmony.

Here are some early exploration designs by Yoga.


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Weed Painting Challenge [feedly]

Weed Painting Challenge
// Gurney Journey

"A weed is but an unloved flower." ― Ella Wheeler Wilcox

It's time for the next GurneyJourney painting challenge. Let's paint some weeds.

Ivan Shishkin, Aegopodium, Pargolovo (study) 1884, 35x59 cm
Fidelia Bridges, Thistle and Landscape
How does the challenge work?
We've done this before with gas stations, graveyards, and outdoor markets (Links take you to results). 

This time we'll paint some weeds on location. Everyone can upload their examples to this special Facebook event page. I'll choose a Grand Prize winner and five Finalists. Each receive a coveted "Department of Art" embroidered patch, and the Grand Prize winner will also receive a free tutorial download.

I hesitate to call it a "contest" because there's no entry fee and the spirit is more about cooperation, community, and camaraderie than competition. We're all at different levels of skill and experience, but we're all out there braving the elements and trying out new painting ideas.

Ivan Shishkin Grasses
How do you define a weed?
• By "weed" I mean any naturally growing herbaceous plant. For example: wildflowers, cattails, vines, lily pads, grasses, dandelions, ferns, mushrooms—really any natural plants. 

• That excludes anything planted, cultivated, or tended by humans, such as nursery or garden flowers or food crops.

• Nothing too big: no woody plants and no trees. 

Ivan Shishkin A Woman Under an Umbrella
• Must be painted outdoors with the weeds in situThe weeds can't be cut and brought indoors or painted from photos. 

• The scene can include a landscape background, but the emphasis should be on the foreground with the plant carefully observed, with some botanical detail. 

• You can put a piece of white or black board behind a weed if you want to isolate it against a simple flat background. But I'm not looking for botanical studies so much as weeds in natural (or man-made) settings.

• OK to include some trash, insects, signs or other things you find around the weeds.

William Scott The Butterflies' Haunt--
Dandelion Clocks and Thistles
What media are OK?
• All painting media accepted, such as oil, watercolor, acrylic, gouache, acryla-gouache, alkyd, casein, or water-soluble colored pencils. 

• No limits on palette of colors.

• You can enter as soon as you finish the piece, but no later than the deadline: Friday, June 24, 2016 at midnight New York time. Winners will be announced on Sunday, June 26.

William Henry Hunt Birds Nest and Primroses
Fidelia Bridges
Thistle in a Field
Submission Guidelines
• Free to enter

• It must be a new painting done for this challenge. In addition to a scan of the final painting, your entry must include a photo (or video) of your painting in progress in front of the motif. 

• Please include somewhere in the title or description the name of the weed, either a common name or Latin name.

• Upload the images to this Facebook Event Page. If you don't have a Facebook account, please ask a friend with an account to help you. Please include in the FB post a mention of what medium you used, and if you want, a word about your inspiration or design strategy, or an anecdote about your painting experience.

• In addition to the Facebook event page, you can use the hashtag #weedpaintingchallenge on Instagram or Twitter to see what other people are doing. 

• If you end up doing more than one entry, please delete your weaker entry so that we end up with just one entry per person.

Aaron Draper Shattuck Leaf Study with Swallowtail
I'll pick one Grand Prize and five Finalists. All six entries will be published on GurneyJourney, and all six will receive an exclusive "Department of Art" embroidered patch. In addition, the Grand Prize winner receives a video (DVD or download) of their choice. Everybody who participates will have their work on the Facebook page, too.
Check out the previous results for gas stationsgraveyards, and outdoor markets.
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• DVD at Purchase at (NTSC video) $24.50
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Casual Friday Everyday Carry [feedly]

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Black and Tan [feedly]

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