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Video: Watercolor Artist October 2015 Issue Preview [feedly]

Video: Watercolor Artist October 2015 Issue Preview
// Artist's Network

Look no further for insider watercolor painting advice, tricks for using the elements of design, watercolor techniques for looser paintings, and pointers for painting texture—it's all in the October 2015 issue of Watercolor Artist. Featured artists include cover artist John Salminen, Ng Woon Lam, Julia Sorrell, Joan Iaconetti, Herbert W. Helm, Terry Armstrong, Jean Haines, David Poxon, Winslow Homer, John James Audubon and more.

Look for the issue on newsstands beginning August 18, or order your copy now at





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Monday, July 27, 2015

Links from Class 7-27-2015


James Bama

Anders Zorn

Jake Green's photographs inside children's illustrators' studios [feedly]

Jake Green's photographs inside children's illustrators' studios
// It's Nice That


Jake Green is an old chum of the site, and recently we've been enamoured with his look at London's Evangelical churches. But it's the church of illustration he's been bowing down to recently, and all our prayers have been answered in the form of The Bookmaker's Studio. The sweet little tome brings together beautiful photographs shot inside the studios of children's illustrators, and features text by another old chum of It's Nice That, James Cartwright. "It's not often you get the chance to go and hang out with some of your heroes, so the images we've created capture our excitement at being allowed into these otherwise unseen spaces to witness such a variety of personalities, styles and techniques," says Jake.

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Art school confidential, Ivan Alifan [feedly]

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Hello Pose [feedly]

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New Painting Challenge: Outdoor Market [feedly]

New Painting Challenge: Outdoor Market
// Gurney Journey

Eugene Galien Laloue (1854 - 1941) Paris, le marché aux fleurs 
Gouache on board, 8 1/4 x 13 1/4 inches
We had such an enthusiastic response to our last Gouache Challenge that many of you asked for another opportunity.

I hesitate to call it a "contest" because there's no entry fee and the spirit is more about cooperation, community, and camaraderie than competition. We're all at different levels of skill and experience, but we're all out there braving the elements and trying out new painting ideas.

Helen Allingham Market Stall in Venice, watercolor
The August Challenge
Paint an outdoor market on location with a limited palette of opaque water media. The limited palette is just three colors of your choice plus white.

Norman Price, Eastern European Market, gouache
What kinds of outdoor markets?
Any outdoor place where people are selling things: fruit or flower markets, farmers' markets, roadside stands, craft fairs, flea markets, yard sales, swap meets, sidewalk sales, fish markets, Chinese wet markets, Latin-American mercados, and Arab souks.

On Location
It must be painted on location and it must be a new painting done for this challenge. In addition to a scan of the final painting, your entry must include a photo of your painting in progress in front of the motif.

Alfred Glendening Parisienne Flower Market
Any of the opaque water media are acceptable: casein, gouache, Acryla-gouache, or acrylic. Sorry, for this challenge there's no oil and no dry media. You can combine with transparent watercolor and watercolor pencils as long as they're the same colors, but there should be at least some opaque passages. 

The Limited Palette
The reason for the limited palette is to keep your painting harmonious, which can be difficult with such a kaleidoscopic subject.

Here are some suggestions, giving equal time to different companies: 
Holbein gouache: Viridian, Cadmium red deep, and Yellow ochre plus white
M. Graham gouache: Ultramarine blueCadmium yellow deep, and Burnt umber plus white
Winsor and Newton gouache: Perylene maroon, Cadmium yellow, Cobalt blue plus white
Richeson casein: Cobalt blue, Light red, Golden ochre, and white
Feel free to come up with your own, you don't have to follow these suggestions.

It's free to enter. You can enter as soon as you finish the piece, but no later than the deadline: Monday, August 31 at midnight New York time. Winners will be announced on Wednesday September 2. 

Edward Seago, Moroccan souk
What and How to Enter
Just shoot two image files: 1. Your finished painting and 2. A photo of the painting on the easel in front of the subject. Your face doesn't have to be in the photo unless you want to.

Upload the images this Facebook Event page (This way I don't have to deal with email, and you get to present your images your way). If you don't have a Facebook account, please ask a friend with an account to help you. Please include in the FB post the list of the three colors you chose (plus white), and if you want, a word about your inspiration or design strategy, or an anecdote about your painting experience. 

I'll pick one Grand Prize, three Finalists, and six Honorable Mentions. Those 10 will be published on GurneyJourney. The Grand Prize winner and Finalists will receive an exclusive "Department of Art" embroidered patch. In addition, the Grand Prize winner receives a video (DVD or download) of their choice. Everybody who participates will have their work on the Facebook page, too.
Own the 72-minute feature "Gouache in the Wild"
• HD MP4 Download at Gumroad $14.95
• or HD MP4 Download at Sellfy (for Paypal customers) $14.95
• DVD at Purchase at (Region 1 encoded NTSC video) $24.50


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Matchlock Samurai Manga/Model Kit – Miyazaki Hayao [feedly]

Matchlock Samurai Manga/Model Kit – Miyazaki Hayao
// Halcyon Realms - Art Book Reviews - Anime, Manga, Film, Photography

Matchlock Samurai Model - Miyazaki Hayao

Matchlock Samurai Hiruko Hachirota ( 鉄炮侍 蛭子八郎太 ) is an-going manga project by Miyazaki Hayao for the Japanese magazine Model Graphix. The story is based on the matchlock cavalry samurais that fought during the Kanto battles in the 1560s.

Apparently Miyazaki-san has been very busy with his Ghibli Museum anime short and had little time to complete this manga, so the current status can be considered "on-going", or on hiatus, although the model kit based on the lead character is already available of purchase.

Matchlock Samurai Model - Miyazaki Hayao
Matchlock Samurai Model - Miyazaki Hayao

Hopefully the completed manga will see the light of day, but in other good news the series of Kaze Tachinu ( The Wind Rises ) manga that Miyazaki-san drew for Model Graphix will be compiled into a single volume, coming soon in September. That's just fantastic !

The model kit for Matchlock Samurai can be purchased from Amazon Japan here.

For more information and an interview with Miyazaki-san about this project, visit Modelkasten. Images courtesy of ModelKasten.

How To Order From Amazon Japan - Detailed Buying Guide

Buying From Amazon Japan FAQ

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Street Artists Collaborate with Mexican Government to Bring Vibrant Splash of Color to an Entire Neighborhood [feedly]

Street Artists Collaborate with Mexican Government to Bring Vibrant Splash of Color to an Entire Neighborhood
// Colossal



In a fantastic attempt at urban renewal, the government of Mexico recently collaborated with a group of local street artists called Germen Crew to paint a 20,000 square meter mural across the facades of 209 homes in the district of Palmitas in Pachuca, Mexico. The project was intended to bring about visual and social transformation by temporarily providing jobs and, according to some reports, reduce crime and violence in the neighborhood. You can see a few more photos of the endeavor here. (via StreetArtNews)





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Joni Niemelä’s Macro Photographs Capture Carnivorous Plants’ Alien-Like Structures [feedly]

Joni Niemelä's Macro Photographs Capture Carnivorous Plants' Alien-Like Structures
// Colossal


"Drosera" photo series

Joni Niemelä captures the moments within nature often looked over, the extreme details seen best through macro photography and an imaginative eye. One of Niemelä's photographic obsessions is the carnivorous plant Drosera, more commonly known as the "Sundew," a nickname which refers to droplets that collect on the plant similar to morning dew.

Sundews belong to the largest genera of carnivorous plants, including more than 194 species that lure, capture, and digest insects by using glands that cover their leaves. Through Niemelä's macro photography she is able to zoom in on each dew-like drop, adding a mystical feel to the hungry plant.

Niemelä explains, "Sundews have always fascinated me, and I have been photographing these alien-like plants for several years now. My first first photo series 'Drosera' was mostly bright and vibrant, so I wanted to have some contrast to that in my second series of Sundews. I think the colors and the mood of 'Otherworldly Blues' reflect aptly the true nature of these carnivorous plants."

You can see more of the Finish artist's carnivorous plant and nature photography on her Instagram.


"Drosera" photo series


"Drosera" photo series


"Drosera" photo series


"Drosera" photo series


"Otherworldly Blues" photo series


"Otherworldly Blues" photo series


"Otherworldly Blues" photo serie


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Friday, July 24, 2015

A Rainbow of Vegetation Consumes a 7-Story Building in a New Mural from ‘Blu’ in Rome [feedly]

A Rainbow of Vegetation Consumes a 7-Story Building in a New Mural from 'Blu' in Rome
// Colossal

Photos by the artist and Valentino Bonacquisti





Street artist Blu (previously) just wrapped up work on this monumental mural on the streets of his new home in Rebibbia, Rome. The painting depicts a clump of technicolor greenery as it swallows the facade of a 7-story residential building, and is part of a series of works by a neighborhood group called "Mammut" that is trying to redevelop abandoned green spaces in throughout the city. You can see more photos of the new piece over at Gorgo Magazine. Photos by


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Let Patrick Savile get you warmed up ready for the weekend [feedly]

Let Patrick Savile get you warmed up ready for the weekend
// It's Nice That


If your long, arduous week has left you looking a bit sickly and slightly grey in colour, Patrick Savile might well be the man with the cure to pep you up for the weekend. A freelance illustrator and designer with experience working for Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Pop magazine populating his back catalogue already, his Personal Zone (real section of his website) is full of abstract, sci-fi-influenced landscapes and textural objects floating bizarrely over fantastical scenes. There – we can see the bright yellow of the screen reflecting off those pallid cheeks already.

Read more

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Ivar Arosenius [feedly]

Ivar Arosenius

NMH 61/2014Evil Powers, 1907

Ivar Axel Henrik Arosenius (October 8, 1878 – January 2, 1909 from the complications of haemophilia), was a Swedish painter and author of picture books. In the latter capacity he is most noted for the book Kattresan (The Cat Journey), which was published after his death. He lived in the village of Älvängen, north of Gothenburg. After his death, his house fell into disrepair and was finally demolished. He is buried at Östra kyrkogården in Gothenburg. - source

Ivar Arosenius - "Dödens död" (The death of death), 1903The Death of Death, 1903

Ivar Arosenius - A Secret, 1905A Secret, 1905

Ivar Arosenius - Princess Of The Troll, 1904Princess Of The Troll, 1904

Ivar Arosenius - Rumor ( Raiders of the city) 1905Rumor ( Raiders of the city) 1905

Ivar Arosenius - "Bachi sjö" (The Sea of Bacchus), 1906"Bachi sjö" (The Sea of Bacchus), 1906

Ivar Arosenius - Interior from a harem, 1903Interior from a harem, 1903

Ivar Arosenius - illustration from "The Tale of the Six Princesses" 1905Illustration from "The Tale of the Six Princesses" 1905

Ivar Arosenius - Backusfest, 1900Backusfest, 1900

Ivar Arosenius - Kärlekens duellanter, 1908Kärlekens duellanter (Love Duel), 1908

Ivar Arosenius - The Old KingThe Old King
 Ivar Arosenius -Trollkarlen och kvinnofågeln, 1908Illustration from "Trollkarlen och kvinnofågeln" (The Wizard and women's bird), 1908

Ivar Arosenius -Christmas Joy, 1905Christmas Joy, 1905  NMH 62/2014The Caliph's Golden Bird, 1908

Ivar Arosenius -"Människans promenad genom lifvet och deras olika sätt därunder fördriva tiden". Akvarell och tusch."Människans promenad genom lifvet och deras olika sätt därunder fördriva tiden". (Man's walk through life and their ways underneath pass the time.) Ivar Aronsenius - The ghost of Varmland, 1903The ghost of Varmland, 1903

Ivar Arosenius - Figurkomposition, 1904Untitled, 1904

Ivar Arosenius - OgreOgre

Ivar Arosenius - SerpentSerpent

Ivar Aronsenius - NirvanaNirvana


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