Thursday, September 8, 2016

Kyuong Hwan Kim (Tahra Art) [feedly]

Kyuong Hwan Kim (Tahra Art)
// lines and colors

Kyuong Hwan Kim (Tahra Art)
Kyuong Hwan Kim is a Korean concept artist and illustrator, who works under the name of Tahra Art.

Kyuong Hwan's work is something of a mixed bag for me. Some of it falls under the heading of fairly typical anime influenced pin-up art, an insular style that is overly abundant these days, while other pieces are far more interesting, original and imaginative.

I think the latter make it worth wading through the others in search of the more compelling work. I particularly enjoy his pieces in the vein of fairy tales or children's stories, which are often rich with texture and detail.

There is a collection of his work, Tahra Art, that was published in 2013; reviewed here on Parka Blogs.

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Teaching certainty [feedly]

Teaching certainty
// Seth Godin's Blog on marketing, tribes and respect

Here's how we've organized traditional schooling:

You're certain to have these classes tomorrow.

The class will certainly follow the syllabus.

There will certainly be a test.

If you do well on the test, you will certainly go on to the next year.

If you do well on the other test, you'll certainly get to go to a famous college.

After you repeat these steps obediently for more than ten years, there will be a placement office, where there will certainly be a job ready for you, with fixed hours and a career path.

People telling you what to do, and when you respond by reciting the notes you took, people rewarding you.


We've trained people to be certain for years, and then launch them into a culture and an economy where relying on certainty does us almost no good at all.

Broken-field running, free range kids, the passionate desire to pick yourself—that seems like a more robust and resilient way to prepare, doesn't it? Who's teaching you what to do when the certain thing doesn't happen?

PS Stop Stealing Dreams is now on Medium. Welcome back to school.



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