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DISNEYLAND: 'Man In Space' Part 2 - 1955 [feedly]

DISNEYLAND: 'Man In Space' Part 2 - 1955
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As promised, here's part 2 from this great episode of DISNEYLAND. This time we take a trip around the Moon that showcases some beautiful artwork in the process. This is the kind of art that captured my young imagination and had a lot to do with why I chose sci-fi and horror art as my lifelong endeavor!

Things get going when the rocket is brought out of the giant hangar. It slowly moves out to the launch pad to prepare for the take off.

Here's the bunker with the technicians getting ready to start the countdown. Love the art here, the bunker design, the vehicles, the equipment, the dude, wow!!

This piece of equipment caught my eye. Is it possible that H. R. Giger, the artist that created the ALIEN monster and sets, stole this design for his alien spacecraft from this Disney masterpiece? It looks like it to me! My grandmothers' maiden names were Kilgore and Giger!!

Everything is GO! All we need now is the countdown!..

Five.. Four.. Three.. Two.. One!.. BLASTOFF!!

High above the Earth, the rocket plane loses its bottom stages.

And, the rocket plane is now in space, headed for the Moon!

There it is, the Moon! Once around the orb, and, back to Earth we go!

This part is a little weird. During a spacewalk, a satellite zooms by, just barely missing the rocket and crew! What the Hell?!

Now it's time to prepare for the landing back on Earth. The rocket plane turns red as it enters the stratosphere.

The plane makes ready for the landing...

Love this shadow shot of the people watching the landing. We just don't wear hats like we used to, kind of a shame since they make the wearers look more interesting!

This shot is one of my favorites, love all the shadows and the spotlight in the background. I remember how popular spotlights were when I was growing up, you always knew where to go when there was a special event. We'll have more for you tomorrow, be here!!


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